This what we need to do:
  • Sign -in when you enter the facility, there are sign-in sheets for all amenities.
  • Comply with occupancy limits and physical distancing requirements.
  • Follow protocols for good hygiene, limit touchpoints and clean up after ourselves.
  • Provide equal access for all members and make it as easy and safe as possible.
We need everyone to be responsible when using the amenities. Please:   
  • Observe occupancy numbers in all areas.
  • Limit touchpoints.
  • Use sanitizer when entering and exiting all areas. 
  • Follow cleaning procedures in gym and use washroom etiquette.
  • Wear a mask when entering the facility, masks are mandatory in BC.
Here is the plan:
  • Each day there will be a sign-in sheet for the pool listing time slots beginning on the hour.  Sign up is mandatory. If there is availability, you can go ahead, otherwise please sign up for a time that will work for you. If the lobby is busy, please have only one person from your party enter the facility when there is room.
  • You will have 55 minutes from the time you enter the pool area (this includes pool, hot tub and deck) to the time you leave the pool area. Please respect the time limits, people may be waiting. The timed pool use is to allow families to be able to plan and know when the pool is available. Fair access for everyone is our goal. 
  • You may only sign up for one timeslot at a time.  Once you have enjoyed your pool time you can sign up again if there is availability.
  • You will need to provide your Lakeview Meadows address and the name of everyone in your household entering the pool area. There is room for 12 people at each timeslot.  Chaperones (deck buddies) must sign in beside their pool buddy.
  • There is a maximum of 6 deck buddies allowed in the pool area (these are people not using pool, but chaperoning).  Please do not move the chairs from where they have been marked.
  • The gym has a separate sign-in sheet to monitor occupancy rules. There is room for 2 people at each timeslot unless occupants are all from the same household (core bubble), and then the Maximum is 4.  Sign in is mandatory. 
When you sign in, you are agreeing to follow our Lakeview Meadows Community protocols.  We will be monitoring facility use and adjusting, as necessary.  Those who choose not to comply will be denied access, (but none of us want that to happen).
We are doing our best to follow the requirements of our governing bodies while remaining an open and fun community.  Let’s work together, we will get through this challenging time. Thanks for your patience.
Please note that B.C. has declared a state of emergency in their response to Covid 19 and have introduced Province-wide Restrictions.
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